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Learners can be granted access to their scored checklists via the Responses tab. As the checklists are filled out for a specific event, the access to the report is also to be set up with respect to the event, that is, when scheduling the event in the Calendar module. 

NOTE: As the access is determined when scheduling the event, only Admin, Facilitator and Scheduler users can do so.

On the Responses tab, individual learners can see their answers and the point value they got for each one.

Also, the Grade Report provides extra information on the learner's performance through the sections of a specific SCE - in comparison to the class average. Grade Report availability can be granted the same way access to Responses is set up, that is, when scheduling an event.

If a learner is granted access to their report, a link is displayed on their dashboard in the Your Events panel, under the relevant event title.

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