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On the Scores tab, three system-set reports can be retrieved, to be selected via the drop-down in the top right corner of the screen. The queried report can then be displayed in a chart format (and printed) or saved as an excel file by clicking the graph or download icons next to the report-selector respectively.

NOTE: The reports can be filtered for specific events/ activities by selecting the desired events/ activities via the Add Filter button.

TIP:  Row or Column Category Average can be added by clicking the cogwheel in the top right corner of the tab and ticking the desired box in the prompted Score Settings pop-up.

NOTE: Results may exceed 100% if bonus points are included when creating the checklists.

Group Performance Report

The report is for reviewing learners' performance in the events/ activities scheduled and completed in the system, consequently, SCEs are displayed as columns, while learners are listed in the rows.

By default, the learners are listed by name, in alphabetical order. 

TIP: Click the arrow in any SCE header to have the results displayed according to learner results in that specific SCE.

Performance Matrix

The Performance Matrix provides an overview on cumulative learner results in the different parts and sections of the SCEs.

Accordingly, SCEs are listed in rows and columns correspond to the different sections within a checklist, grouped by checklist.

Skill Development Report

This report reflects on the learners' performance in the different skill areas.

Skill areas are determined by the section abbreviations created within a checklist. Sections consist of items, that is, questions, grouped by what kind of skill they reflect to. 

In this report, learners are listed in columns, while skill areas are displayed in rows.

NOTE: As skill areas are specified for sections and one can be used for several different sets of questions through several different SCEs, it follows that Skill Development Report does not reflect on learners' performance within an event or SCE, but rather their overall performance within the realm of a certain skill determined by questions linked to that skill.