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Users with Administrator role have access to everything within the system with no restriction whatsoever.

  • User Manager: Only Admin users have access to the User Manager where user accounts can be created and edited.
IMPORTANT: Due to unlimited access to the system, it is recommended that the number of users with Admin role be limited to the absolute minimum!

Simulated Patient

The Simulated Patient role is essentially for administrative and identification purposes: it is not assigned to actual users as the user would not have access to the system. It serves as a means of distinguishing simulated patients (as opposed to manikins) who can in turn be linked to video recordings.


Learners have access to the following functions:

  • learner data entry, that is, Pre-Simulation, Post-Simulation and Evaluation checklists (whichever is created in the SCE);
  • Video Review module: limited access - to video recordings of events the user participated in (that is, is member of the assigned Learner group);
  • Reports module: limited access - to their own Responses (assessment of their performance in the Pre- and Post-Simulation parts they filled out) and only for as long as the report availability is set.


Users with Faculty role have access to the following functions:

  • Recording module: limited access - to the recording view of events the user participates in, and only during the scheduled time;
  • Video Review module: limited access - to video recordings of events the user has participated in;
  • Data entry: filling out the Performance Checklist part of a scheduled SCE to which they have been assigned;
NOTE: Data entry can be done either live by selecting the event (to which the user has been assigned) via the Recording module or by selecting a recording in the Video Review module (after the event ended).
  • OEQS: submitting Open Ended Question Scoring, that is, scoring textual answers submitted within parts filled out by learners.
NOTE: Only those events are available to the user which they have been assigned as members of the Faculty group. 

Suggested role for: members of the institution who are responsible for making judgments about the professional advancement, competence and performance of the trainees/ learners of the institution.

Simulation Designer

User with this role have access to the functions of SCE Management module:

  • creating and editing simulated clinical experiences: SCE Design (all professional aspects of the SCE, including data, scenario, and material for assessment) and SCE Scheduling (guide for timing of different phases and actions);
  • copying and exporting already created SCEs;
  • creating Learning Modules and arranging SCEs within them.

Suggested role for: members of the institution who possess the necessary professional (i.e. medical) competence to manage a case content (including patient history, physiological data, training objectives etc.), determine what knowledge and performance can be expected from the learners (content of checklists), and outline how a simulation experience should be completed (different stages of simulation, relevant information to be provided for the participants).


The Scheduler role grants access to the functions of the Calendar module:

  • scheduling new or editing already created events, including: selecting the SCE to be used, assigning participant groups, and adjusting - if necessary - the SCE Scheduling
  • printing or emailing calendar views

Suggested role for: users of the system who are involved in administration, organization and syllabus management. 

Operations Specialist 

Users with this role have access to live videos in the Recording module including:

  • completing the Physical Arrangements of an SCE;
  • starting and stopping recordings;
  • assigning participant groups to the recordings;
  • adding, editing or deleting annotations via the Annotation panel;
  • adjusting camera views, including adding preset camera views.

Suggested role for: members of the institution who are knowledgeable in video recording as well as in the actions of a simulation, that is, they are aware of what should be in focus during recording.


Users with Facilitator role have the access-level closest to that of the Admins: their role combines that of a Scheduler, an Operations Specialist and Faculty, and have additional control over the Reports module. Consequently, they are authorized to do the following:

  • schedule and manage events in the Calendar module;
  • create and edit content in the SCE Management module
  • operate within the Recording module: start and stop recording, manage intercom announcements, assign participant groups to a recording, add annotations and fill out the Performance Checklist of the SCE;
  • submit Open Ended Question Scoring (OEQS), that is, grade learners' responses for questions requiring textual answers;
  • use all the functions of the Video Review module: review recordings, download videos, print Video Reports, upload simulation data logs, add annotations to video recordings;
  • manage the Reports module: access all the reports in the system, create and save reports for specific events or activities.