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The LearningSpace Center Management System


What is a 'Case'? >

Provides the content to an Activity, medical content through which the purpose of the Activity can be achieved (learning, practicing or testing certain skills or knowledge), and also accommodates questionnaires aimed at the different participants of an Activity. Cases present background and guidelines to a simulation exercise: Standardized Patient (SP)-Learner encounter or Learner interaction with a manikin/simulator. → See Case Manager

What is an 'Activity'? >

Incorporates Cases that learners are expected to complete over an extended period of time. It also holds together the components of a controlled medical training experience such as planning, site management, data entry, advanced video recording features, evaluation, and preparation of reports. See Activity Manager

What is an 'Event'? >

Activity schedules are broken into Events. An Event is a period of time when station setup and SP assignments are the same. This means that throughout the Event, the same Case(s) with the same SP(s) run(s) in the same room(s). Events can be set up within the Calendar or in Advanced Scheduling
How to Understand Concepts within Advanced Scheduling

What is a 'Recording'? >

SP-Learner encounters or Learner interactions with a manikin/simulator can be recorded for evaluation/analyzing purposes.

(lightbulb)For more, see Recording Module and Video Review.

What are 'Checklists'? >

Learners, Faculty members and SPs can submit different checklists (through 'data entry') to complete assessments, to provide feedback or to evaluate certain aspects of this workflow (Learner performance, SP performance, Activity content, etc.)

What are 'Reports'? >

Evaluation and review of performance, and responses given to the different checklists can be accessed within the system, with sophisticated filtering possibilities and data export option. Based on the data entered by learners, SPs and faculty members you can generate several different reports: they help you to evaluate the performance of learners, SPs and the effectiveness of Cases. 
(lightbulb)For more, see Reports Module.

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