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Computers must meet these requirements to run the  LearningSpace application.

Software requirements

Supported operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7* and 10
  • macOS (minimum version 10.12)

*All  LearningSpace functions have been tested and are working on Microsoft Windows 7. However, please note that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 by January 14th, 2020.
We highly recommend updating your Windows 7 workstations to Windows 10.

Supported browser for each OS (Windows, Mac):  Google Chrome (latest version)

On iPads, Safari is the only supported browser for  LearningSpace. For more, go to iPad support - Technical information.

IMPORTANT: The Intercom functionality of  LearningSpace requires the web browser to have access to the microphone of the client PC, which in turn requires a secure HTTPS connection to the  LearningSpace server.
That is, the use of the microphone of the client computer can only be conducted with a valid SSL certificate. (This restriction stems from the Chrome browser security regulations.)

Hardware requirements  

The following are the CAE Healthcare recommended requirements: **

  • Intel Core i5 6th generation or equivalent
  • 8 GB of Memory
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
  • Gigabit Ethernet

** To provide the best video streaming results, we recommend hardware that meets or exceeds these specifications.

Bandwidth requirements

Required bandwidth for client computers to display camera streams and simulator waveforms:

  • for HD, full HD cameras or simulator waveforms: 2 Mbit/s (Mbps)

  • for 4K cameras: 20 Mbit/s (Mbps)

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