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By default, recordings are listed by date, with the most recent at the top of the Video Review page. The list can be rearranged by clicking the column headers: according to Date, Room, Learner or Video Information.

TIP: Use the Quick search bar to find specific videos, or click the cogwheel to include annotations and event logs in the filtering process.

Available controls for video recordings:

Delete - recordings selected by ticking their checkbox can be deleted

Lock - recordings selected by ticking their checkbox can be prevented from deletion

Print - Video Report including all recording-related data can be saved and printed

Upload data log - data log can be uploaded to a selected recording

Download - camera recordings of a selected room can be downloaded 

Video upload - videos recorded without using LearningSpace can be uploaded and associated to an event

NOTE: The Upload data log and the Download buttons are inactive (gray) until one (not more) recording is selected, as data log can be only uploaded to one recording at a time, and video streams belonging to the same recording can be downloaded as one file.

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