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On iPads, Safari is the only supported browser for CAE LearningSpace.

Since the mobile version of CAE LearningSpace has a reduced functionality compared to what the full website offers, you will need to switch to the full desktop version to access all available features and capabilities.

You can force mobile Safari to request and load the full version of CAE LearningSpace with the following steps:

  1. After having launched CAE LearningSpace in Safari, press the aA option in the address bar.
  2. A dropdown menu will show up just below the button, giving you the option to Request Desktop Website.
  3. Tap on the dropdown, which will prompt Safari to reload the current page, but this time it should reflect the same experience you would have on a Mac or PC.


For permanently setting Desktop mode, proceed with the following steps via Settings:


The Push-to-Talk function of Intercom is not supported on iPads in CAE LearningSpace.

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