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On the Rooms tab, rooms can be added, modified or deleted.

New room can be added by clicking the Add New Room button then typing in the number/ name and description of the room in the corresponding fields of the prompted pop-up.

All the available rooms are listed, with their editable settings accessed by clicking the cogwheel icon in the Controls column. The icon opens the Room Settings pop-up where all devices can be assigned to the room, including cameras, manikin, and intercom device.

Room Settings pop-up

The pop-up can be opened by clicking the cogwheel next to the desired room and allows for the specification of the following settings:

Room no.: either a number or a name by which the room is to be distinguished

Room description: the type of the room (e.g. simulation lab, skills lab, auditorium etc.)

Separate In-Room Intercom device: device located in the simulation area for transmitting intercom announcements 

Separate Facilitator Intercom device: headset for transmitting intercom announcements directed to the facilitator

Simlog uploader station: adding a computer used for uploading simulator logs to LearningSpace

Simulator: selecting one of the available simulators located in the room

IMPORTANT: Once a simulator is assigned to the room, the 4th camera slot is reserved for the patient monitor.

Camera #1-4: assigning a maximum number of 4 configured cameras

Send to Screen target device #1-2: for selecting display devices for Send to Screen function

Record control: assigning a tactile REC button to the room (which is pfysically physically located in the room and can be pressed to start a recording)