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While item types that offer selectable answers to a question, thereby yielding concrete score values calculable by the system; the text item type phrases a question that requires a freely worded textual answer from the responder's part. As the score value of such answers cannot be calculated by the system, scoring requires the active participation of a competent user: OEQS can be submitted by users with Admin, Facilitator or Faculty roles.

Conditions to be met for OEQS:

Preparation: SCE - Text Item Type

When adding a text item in SCE Design, the Points button prompts the Scoring Method pop-up to open. 

Selecting 'Direct' as scoring method and determining the maximum score allows for a scale of point values that the designated users can select from when evaluating textual answers.

Scoring notes: instructions for the scorers regarding the nuances of evaluating the responses. Such notes are displayed below the question on the Learner response page.

Evaluation: Scoring

On the Open-Ended Question Scoring page, with the SCE and checklist specified via the respective drop-downs, the open-ended questions are listed with buttons navigating to the Learner response page.

TIP: By switching to the List by Learners radio button below the drop-down menus, it is also possible to access the responses through listing the learners.

NOTE: Depending on which list the Learner response page is accessed from, the Learner Name and the Question fields toggle between fixed information and drop-down menu. That is, when accessed from the List by Questions view, the Learner response page has the Question field fixed and the Learner Name can be selected from a drop-down menu, while the List by Learners view navigates to an alternative Learner response page with the learner's name fixed and Question drop-down.

Selecting the score value then clicking the Submit concludes the scoring for the particular learner's answer to the displayed question.