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On the Directory Access Settings tab of the System module, use the LDAP Server Settings options to select or add new LDAP server.

  1. In the LDAP Synchronization Settings panel, check the box next to Use for sync.
    Checking the box prompts the necessary data fields to be displayed.
  2. Provide the Query data (base, password and user) and the information for the Mapping.

    NOTE: Mapping is for identifying correspondence between LDAP attributes and LearningSpace user data.
  3. Click the Test LDAP Sync button to check whether everything has been set up correctly.
  4. In the User Manager, open the Edit Group pop-up window for the desired group.
  5. Switch to the LDAP tab and check Enable at LDAP sync.
    All relevant data field will be displayed.
  6. Select the LDAP server you want to synchronize with.
  7. Provide the Query base and filter.
  8. Select the role.
IMPORTANT: Upon synchronization, all new members will be assigned the selected role. The role of previously created users will remain as is.

Check the box at 'Propagate membership removals from directory server' to have users that have been removed from the LDAP server be removed from the group as well.  

IMPORTANT: Removal only refers to group-membership, the user will remain registered in the LearningSpace system.

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