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If a camera is connected to the LearningSpace network and is ready to be used, its status is listed on the Cameras tab of the System module as one of the following:

Configured: it has been added to the system as well and can be assigned to a room, that is, it will be listed in the Camera drop-down menus in the Room Settings pop-up.

Not Yet Configured: it is connected but still has to be added to the system by clicking the plus icon in the Controls column.

NOTE: Configured cameras have a cogwheel icon in the Controls column, and clicking the icon prompts the Camera Settings pop-up to open where all fine-tuning can be completed.

Already configured camera unseen:

If a previously configured camera is not displayed in the Recording module, or is not available in a Camera drop-down menu in the relevant modules, it is listed on the Cameras tab as Disappeared and there is a red minus icon the Controls column.

In such a case, physically check the camera device and make sure that it is connected to the network:

    1. If not, then connect it.
    2. If connected, then power off the camera, wait a minute, then power it back on.

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