This tab is for defining server settings for LDAP configuration.

For detailed description of the LDAP configuration, see How can I configure LDAP login?

LDAP synchronization provides possibilities to import and synchronize groups of users based on the data of the selected server. In case of invalid users or missing/ incorrect data, the system informs about the errors, and in the meantime, valid users can still be synchronized.

Servers set for login have two authentication modes:

Use full DN - searches for the user directly by the user's full distinguished name (optionally specified by prefix and/ or postfix)

Resolve samAccountName - authenticates the user through a specified query user (query user name, password and base can be determined), that is, no full DN has to be provided

NOTE: If LDAP authentication is enabled, it can be set independently for each user in his/ her Edit User pop-up window. In the Group Settings pop-up window, a dedicated tab has been added for LDAP synchronization settings.