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The learner role is assigned to students of a program or anyone who is intended to participate in simulated clinical experiences as a practicing party.

Learner users have access to the Video Review module, to video recordings where the user was member of the assigned Learner group. 

Features Learners have access to in Single Room View:

  • reviewing recordings (they have access to) - play, pause or stop the video
  • having annotations displayed

    IMPORTANT: Learners are shown only those faculty-annotations that have been assigned to their name. See the relevant FAQ for further details.
  • adding annotations
  • deleting self-created annotations

    NOTE: The Delete (red trash) icon appears when hovering over the annotation to be deleted. Since users with learner role cannot delete or modify faculty-added annotations, the trash icon only appears on those that were added by the learner.
  • check the Sim Log (data about simulator during the recording)

Print feature

In the Video List view, learners can print a Video Report of recordings they have access to, by ticking the checkbox next to the desired recording then clicking the Print icon at the bottom of the list. The Video Report includes annotations added with the learner's name and simulator data.

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