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Once a user has an account in LearningSpace, they can log in by providing their Email address and Password in the corresponding fields of the login page.

TIP: The Forgot your password? link helps the user enter LearningSpace by sending a new password to the provided email address which can be used with that address. Once logged in, the user can change their password via the User Account Settings accessed by clicking the user name in the top right corner of the home page.


The LearningSpace Dashboard displays all the modules that are available for the user logged in.

IMPORTANT: As the roles assigned in LearningSpace allow for different range of access, the Dashboard view varies for users with different roles. Administrators have access to all the task areas; other users will have access to (thus have icons on their Dashboard accessing) only those functions that their account profile allows them to see.

User Settings 

In the top right corner of the page, the user can click their name and access the User Account Settings, LearningSpace information or they can log out. The User Account Settings allow for changing password or the language of the software.

IMPORTANT: For Admin users, and Admin users only, the user settings provide access to the User Manager where new users and groups can be added or existing ones can be edited.

The full range of LearningSpace offers the following modules:

  • Recording - Making video and audio recordings in rooms with cameras or microphones (including adding annotations to live videos)
  • Video Review - Reviewing video and audio recordings (including adding annotations)
  • System - Managing system settings and security; setting up rooms, cameras and simulators; or downloading utilities

TIP: By clicking the CAE LearningSpace logo on any page of the system navigates the user back to the Dashboard.

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