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There are five item types that can be added to a section within a checklist.

TIP: Items can be rearranged within a section by hovering over the item intended to be moved and clicking the desired arrow on the right side of the item panel.


  • By clicking the i icon next to the question phrase, additional note can be inserted below the question.
  • Answer required: by clicking the asterisk button in the bottom right corner of the item panel, the item can be marked for requiring an answer - as opposed to allowing for submitting a checklist with leaving an item unanswered. Consequently, if there is at least one item marked for answer required, submitting a checklist will only be possible if the marked items are answered.


Question type with one possible answer choice of the preset answers. This is the most frequently used question type because it is easy to create and user input is easy to analyze. At data entry, respondents see all the possible answers below the question and have to select one. When modified, the selection switches to the recent choice, but undoing the selection is not possible. Respondents receive the score assigned to the answer they selected.


This item type is structurally similar to the radio button type: there are more answers offered of which only one can be selected. It differs from the radio button type in that the answers are listed in a drop-down menu which saves screen estate, therefore, even dozens of choices can be fitted.


Question type with one or multiple possible answer choices. Selection can be undone. All available answer choices are visible on the screen, the score values can be freely determined. The respondents receive the sum of score values assigned to the answers they selected.


Open-ended question type that has no preset answer choices, but gives a textual input field for respondents. These items are evaluated manually by users with necessary type of access (Admin, Faculty or Facilitator). More information on evaluating open-ended questions is available in the Practical section, under Scoring Open-Ended Textual Answers.

NOTE: Text item type cannot be added when creating a Performance checklist.


This item type provides means to insert information or instruction within a checklist. No answer can be specified, users doing data entry only see it as individual text.

TIP: Click the reuse icon to paste a previously used item or section into the currently edited checklist.

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