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Demo users are inactive by default, but can be activated for one day (the day of activation).

Activating demo users individually (only with Admin privilege):

Demo users can be activated individually in the User Manager module by taking out the tick from the Inactive checkbox in the Edit User pop-up for the intended demo user.

IMPORTANT: In case of individual activation, the password of the demo user has to be provided in the Edit User pop-up (by the activating user).

Activating all demo users (only with Admin privilege):

  1. The activation can be done for all demo users as a group on the General tab of the System module by clicking the Activate Demo Users for Today button.
  2. Once the demo users have been activated via the button, a confirmation pop-up window appears with a single password that is to be used for all demo users. 

    NOTE: The password is deleted by the daily maintenance job running overnight that also deactivates all demo users.
IMPORTANT: Once the pop-up is closed, the generated password will no longer be retrievable, therefore it is recommended that it be copied somewhere.
TIP: If the generated password is lost, the process can be repeated, thereby generating a new password.
NOTE: The Activate Demo Users for Today button overrides all previous settings, that is, if a demo user has been individually activated before, their password will change to the system-generated one.

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