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It is recommended that a new LearningSpace system is started up by creating groups via the Batch User Create function or via using the LDAP authentication or LDAP synchronization.
  1. Save the template that can be downloaded on the Batch User Create tab.
  2. Use the template for creating several groups of users, and save the excel files by group names.

    NOTE: The J column in the excel template determines the user's role. In case of learner and Simulated Patient groups, the role is the same for each member, therefore, it is recommended that column J be filled out.

    Codes to be used in the BUC file for specific roles:

    RoleCode in excel (column J)
    Simulated Patient4
    Simulation Designer134217984
    Operations Specialist1074266112
  3. Upload your groups via the Batch User Create function.
TIP: Role is a parameter that can easily be set to the same value for multiple users, see the relevant part about editing multiple users.

NOTE: The Batch User Create function can also be used for editing, modifying members of the same user group in batch. For more information, see How can user accounts be edited in batch?