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IMPORTANT: CAE LearningSpace supports two third-party simulators: Laerdal and Gaumard. Data logs saved from these simulators can be uploaded to and synchronized with recordings in the Video Review module of LearningSpace.

  1. On the Video Review page, check the box of the encounter you intend to upload a data log to.

    TIP: Use the Quick search bar for a targeted search.

    Once a recording is selected, the gray Upload data log button becomes activated.

    NOTE: Since data log can be uploaded to one specific recording at a time, selecting more than one videos results in the button becoming deactivated (gray) again. (The number of selected recordings is indicated above the option buttons.)
  2. Click the Browse button and select the file saved to your computer that you want to upload to the recording.
  3. Select the simulator from the Simulator drop-down.
  4. Click Upload.
NOTE: Depending on the size of the file, the upload may take a minute.

When the upload is complete, information about the data file is listed in the Data Logs pop-up.

To synchronize the uploaded data log with the recording:

  1. Open the recording to which the data log has been uploaded.
    The Trend Chart and Event Log panels will be displayed along with the video recordings.
  2. In the Event Log panel, select a specific event that can be unambiguously linked to the recording.
  3. Use the progress indicator to display the selected event on the recording.
  4. When the selected event is screened, click Synchronize at the selected event in the Event Log.

    NOTE: The Synchronize option is darkened when hovering over it within the selected event of the Event Log panel

The synchronized events will be displayed by white flags on the timeline.